What is BorderlessLive and what will I get from it?

What is BorderlessLive and what will I get from it?

BorderlessLive is London’s newest urban festival for content creators of all levels! Are you already blogging, vlogging or creating content? Perhaps you have a full or part-time job and are looking to transition to making your channel your full-time job. Perhaps you are dreaming of starting out as a digital creator and aren’t sure how to begin or are feeling daunted by the prospect of starting your own channel?

Come along to BorderlessLive on your quest to seek inspiration from some of the biggest names in the industry and find out how you too can kick-start your very own channel and career as a digital influencer.

Build a network of people all in the same boat, in a friendly and informal atmosphere while connecting with industry attendees to find out what they’d recommend for those just beginning their exciting journey.

BorderlessLive is also the perfect opportunity for established influencers, those with a channel and followers who are producing regular content, who are looking to continue to grow their platforms. You’ll also be able to network with global brands and destinations to further your business and attend seminars, workshops and Q&As to keep upping your game!

So, just in case you were still wondering whether this event will be for you, we’ve detailed some of the key things that you will be able to take from this unique urban festival!


Mingle with some of the world’s top creators and the best of tomorrow’s talent

We’ve been announcing some of our featured guests, and you can see the lineup so far here. We have some of the world’s biggest and best influencers, ranging from travel creators to those in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, LGBTQ+ and parenting communities.

There will be no “meet and greets” where you are shepherded into a queue for ages to simply take a selfie with your creative idols. Instead, attend the sessions they are leading, get inspired by hearing them speak and ask them questions in the Q&As. After all, at one point they were starting out just like you and were seeking advice and inspiration from those that they looked up to.


This event is brought to you in collaboration with Traverse Events, a leading influencer and content marketing agency. Every year, we host a flagship conference where like-minded creators meet to learn with a packed conference schedule. Sessions cover every corner of content creation and being a digital influencer; from photography, video, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), podcasting, writing, monetizing your channel, avoiding burn out (you get the gist, covering ALL aspects of running a channel). One of our proudest achievements is the sense of community that comes from hosting these events. Genuine and long-lasting friendships are formed and off the back of this, beneficial relationships with fellow creators are garnered.

Therefore, BorderlessLive will be all about promoting collaboration over competition. It will be about creators and industry leaders sharing their knowledge and expertise. It will be about inspiring the next generation of content creators and digital influencers to do what they love and pursue their passions.


Enjoy live music and soak up the festival fun

We believe that the best environment to learn and to network is a fun one! Forget dull, stuffy and corporate. We’re in 2019 now after all and we acknowledge that the time you learn the most is when you’re relaxed and free to be yourself. Therefore, we’ll be making sure there’s plenty to keep you entertained over the two days. Think urban festival; this is taking place in one of the coolest London venues after all, Tobacco Dock! Enjoy delicious food from around the world, washed down with a nice refreshing drink. Discover some amazing live music and DJs who are sure to give this event a lively, fun buzz. There will be festival stages where you can hear from your favorite creators and listen to lively and engaging panels and debates that are going on.


Wellness sessions

Last, and by no means least, we will be placing a key focus on the importance of looking after both your physical and mental well being. Come along and join in yoga sessions, workshops led by PTs and cognitive hypnotherapists. Find out the best techniques to avoid creative burn-out to maintain a happy and positive outlook. Because at the end of the day, there is only one you!

If you like the sound of this and want to join us this September, Friday 6th & Saturday 7th at BorderlessLive, you can still get your hands on a ticket here.

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