Get to know our speakers: Erick Prince

Get to know our speakers: Erick Prince

Photographer, Philanthropist, and World Traveler, Erick Prince is blazing a new trail in travel and business. Combining his love for photography and travel, he created One of the premier travel blogs for African-American and Latino travellers.

Inspiring low-income communities to explore the world and document their travels. Currently on a quest to become the first African-American to visit every country in the world, Erick has turned a hobby into a thriving business. Visiting 95 countries along the way. Through his blog and digital marketing company, Erick has worked with brands such as Facebook, Singha Corp, LAN Airlines, InterContinental Hotels, and Sony.  

Find out more about Erick below.


How did you get into your line of work?

I kind of stumbled into this “blogging” thing. I’ve been a photographer since I was about 13. I decided to do more to inspire people of color, particularly kids, to travel and explore. I started merely to have a place to post my travels and keep everyone updated on what I was doing. And bang, people responded well. And here I am seven years later.


What is one of your proudest YouTube moments?

For me, it’s a consistent thing. I’ve done a few videos with one of my best friends in Romania. Basically, us drinking, eating, and laughing the entire time. The reaction of Romanians to the positive representation of their country is humbling. I’ve seen the same thing with my videos from all around the world. Showing the positive in a world full of negative is more than enough for me to be proud of.


How do you get into the creative flow?

I wake up like this. LOL. Most of my work comes from a very simple place. What does 13 year old me need to know/see about this. When you come from a place of empathy and service, the creative part takes care of itself.


Which YouTuber or blogger would you like to switch places with for a day?

Ohhhhh this is tough because I know a few dope ones personally and I know the behind the scenes chaos. I think I would love to do a day as Sonny Side from The Best Food Review Show Ever. I LOVE Asia and Asian food. Which is kind of his niche.

Also, Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography. While I couldn’t do what he does, I would just sit and talk all day about photography with him.


What is one thing you wish you had had or known when you first started out?

I wish I would have known how much time and money this career takes to really get going. While some people “pop” early, the most successful of us have been doing this for a LONG time. It’s exhausting. But in hindsight, I never meant for this to be a career so I likely would have ignored that anyway.


Why should people buy a ticket to BorderlessLive?

Traverse Events and WTM have reputations for putting on amazing events that creatives want to attend. Simply because it’s run by creatives. We have different needs and ideas of whats fun. An event like BorderlessLive puts you in contact with some of the most successful people in several creative spaces. While consuming content online can be great, talking/listening in person is another experience altogether.


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