How much can bloggers earn?

How much can bloggers earn?

Following Vuelio’s UK Blogger’s Survey 2019, we wanted to explore the big taboo of the 21st century: the M word. These are the questions on everyone’s lips, but we’re all too shy to ask… How much do bloggers and content creators earn? How much should I be charging? Should I be working for free?

How has blogging changed in the past few years?

According to their extensive survey, (that makes for a very interesting read… should you have some spare time check it out here), two thirds of bloggers spend upwards of 15 hours working on their blog a week. This is hardly surprising considering that blogs can be monetised and can become a great source of income. 

Since 2016, the percentage of bloggers whose blog is their full time income has jumped from 8% up to 18% and the percentage of those who consider blogging to be a hobby has fallen from 34% to 24%. As fewer people are now blogging as a hobby and instead relying on it as a source of income, it’s important to have conversations about how to work with brands and PRs. 

At BorderlessLive there will be panels looking at both sides of the conversation, with creators and brands represented on how best they can work together. 

How much do bloggers earn?

On average, three quarters of respondents said that up to half their work was compensated. Just 2% of respondents said they charged £1001 + for a blog post, with 4% charging over this amount for a paid collaboration. Paid for collaborations will depend vastly, depending on what is being asked of you, unique monthly views, authority of your blog, the time it will take to produce it. The largest amount of respondents, almost one third, said that per blog post they earnt somewhere in the region of £101-£250. 

Overall, according to the Vuelio survey, about 27% of all the content that appears on a blog is compensated in some way, through a range of different means including advertising, affiliate links, paid for products and services. 

To find out more, check out the panel at BorderlessLive on ‘How do I make money online?’. You’ll hear from Steve Hänisch (Backpacker Steve) a G Adventures wanderer, Chloe Gunning (Wanderlust Chloe) and Adriano D’Ambrosio from ViviCity, talking about the various ways they make money online: from affiliate links, campaigns, paid for blog posts, advertising, and much more. It’s not too late to get your ticket to BorderlessLive now. 

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