Five reasons to jump on the TikTok bandwagon

Five reasons to jump on the TikTok bandwagon

TikTok has rapidly risen in popularity over the past year, in fact it’s the second most downloaded app in the Apple app store (source). But, how do you decide if the platform is for you and how to create regular content for it? Here’s a few reasons why we love the platform, how to create compelling content for it (and maybe even go viral)!

The content feels more authentic

If you miss the early days of Instagram, when everyone was posting grainy photos of their ice cream and hashtags *actually* worked for growing your following then you’re going to LOVE TikTok. The app is still fairly new and content really is king. From people filming dance challenges in their bedrooms to viral funny clips, the content on TikTok feels far less curated and ‘perfect’ than other social media platforms. This gives creators (like you!) a unique opportunity to get back to basics and share content that they truly love, with huge rewards if it ends up going viral. There’s general hashtags you can use (#ukvlog #ukbeauty #ukcomedy to name a few) to get your content seen, but also the opportunity to create your own hashtags alongside them to build an audience for your particular niche.

Challenges are easy to take part in

Challenges are probably the most fun aspect of TikTok. These can be found on the discover tab and tend to change weekly (although some stick around for longer if they’re really popular). Taking part in challenges (and using the relevant hashtags for them) is probably the best way to grow rapidly on the platform. There’s a lot of eyeballs on those hashtags, so if your content is on point (whether it’s inspiring, funny, informative or creative) you’re sure to find your account quickly gaining followers and before you know it you’ll have an engaged TikTok audience eager for your next video.

Niche content is rewarded

As mentioned above, TikTok content feels very authentic and real which leaves space for extremely niche content to gain popularity quickly (and even influence trends on the platform). From #FarmRushHour (yep, that’s farm animals being let out of their pens in the morning) to sped up cake decorating, to people impersonating their primary school teachers – you really can’t be too specific with your style of content. So if you have a niche interest, or a character you think would be a hit, this is the platform to trial it on.

Organic growth still exists!

We touched on this earlier, but it’s worth reiterating. Organic growth is alive and well on TikTok! While users on other platforms have seen their engagement rates dwindle and organic growth slow to almost a complete stop, TikTok users are racing full steam ahead. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a user to strike gold with their videos and gain thousands of followers within a matter of days. This is great for those of us fed up with investing time into high quality content that barely gets seen on other platforms. Stay consistent with your upload schedule, jump on trends and offer something unique and it’s likely your account will grow rapidly.

You can collaborate with other creators

This is something that a lot of other platforms don’t allow you to do (although YouTube did allow video responses many years ago). Having the option to respond to viral videos, and even take part in challenges set up by other creators, makes the platform really social and just generally fun to create content for. We suggest following some of the biggest creators on the platform (and featured creators) to find videos you can respond to.

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