Meet our speakers: Tommie Eaton, @BambuuBrush co-founder

Meet our speakers: Tommie Eaton, @BambuuBrush co-founder

Tommie created the concept for @BambuuBrush with his partner Rebecca after travelling for seven years around the globe and seeing the devastating effects plastic pollution has on our oceans, environment and ourselves as humans. With six billion people brushing their teeth every morning and night with a plastic toothbrush, @BambuuBrush believe that we can all change the world in a positive way by making simple changes away from plastic and working together to educate and inspire others.

Why did you decide to co-found @BambuuBrush?

After living and working abroad for a combined total of 14 years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of plastic pollution destroying our beautiful world and having detrimental impacts on the health and wellbeing of people in developing countries. We had already built up our own social media following through travel and wanted to use the power of social media in a positive way to educate and inspire people with what we have witnessed.

How can social media be used to influence positive change?

Education is key – we have been lucky/unlucky enough see the impact plastic pollution is having on our planet. We’ve recorded personal drone footage of turtles biting into plastic bags, children living in what can only be described as landfills and a child who has recurring nosebleeds that the parents and locals can only link to the burning of plastic in the area due to not having waste management facilities. Social media gives you a platform where you can share your experiences, there are lots of negatives around it but it is such a powerfully positive tool if used in the correct way.

What role can influencers play in encouraging sustainability?

Firstly, educating themselves on environmental issues (especially around travel). We all know that travel is not great for the environment but instead of shying away from the negatives, let’s address them and educate ourselves on what we can do and then use the power of social media to inspire others to implement positive actions.

How does @BambuuBrush use social media to promote the brand (and your ethics)?

@BambuuBrush launched in Feb 2019 with our #1millionby2020 campaign which used the power of social media in a positive way to educate and inspire 1 million people to swap from a plastic toothbrush to a @BambuuBrush before the turn of the new decade. We hit that within eight months of launching and to date we have sold 1.5million bamboo toothbrushes. We used social media to create a movement based around people sharing photos of them holding their @BambuuBrush. This helped to spread awareness on plastic pollution to the people who follow them and attracted more people back to our page.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a more sustainable lifestyle?

Educate yourself! Don’t try and go full “No-Flying, Vegan, Extinction Rebellion, Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free, All Natural” super eco-warrior all at once! Let’s start with simple changes, learn more about sustainability and then use your platforms on and offline to educate others on making those changes! Also we should try and make eco cool, we have such a great opportunity right now to use social media in a positive way and make it trendy, so let’s do it.

What are you most looking forward to at BorderlessLive?

To be completely honest, I get so excited to tell our story, so I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at the event and hopefully it will inspire more people to use social media positively and feel empowered that we can make a change to our planet if we all work as one.

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