How to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on your influencer campaigns

How to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on your influencer campaigns

As many countries have taken action to try and reduce the spread of COVID-19 you may be worried about how the pandemic will impact your income as an influencer. Here’s some suggestions of how you can use working from home to your advantage…

With the recent developments around COVID-19, you may find that the campaigns you were supposed to take part in are being postponed or cancelled. We know that a sudden loss of paid jobs can be stressful as a content creator so we wanted to offer some alternative ways of partnering with brands. We hope this advice will help brands and influencers to continue to work through the pandemic (and prove the power influencers have when it comes to working remotely)!

The product launch you were due to attend has been postponed or cancelled

If you weren’t going to be paid to attend and review a product, it may actually be a relief to you if the project is postponed. If the project isn’t cancelled, but you are worried about travelling on public transport to attend, then why not offer to film an unboxing for your followers on Instagram Stories and share a full review on your blog/YouTube/Instagram afterwards? If you were supposed to be paid to review the product, can they send it via courier and have you film an unboxing and review at home? This could be a great opportunity to spend more time on in depth reviews and high quality video. If brands have more budget available due to launches not being able to take place, it may also be worth getting in touch to see if you can secure payment for reviewing products on your social media accounts and/or blog.

You were due to take part in a panel, and now it’s been postponed

We know that this situation has happened to a few of you, and if you were due to be paid for your time it can be stressful to lose a job like this. . This may seem like a difficult situation to find a solution to, but there are a few things you could do:

Twitter chat – If you were due to speak with several people, could you all co-host a Twitter chat at a set time? This could then be promoted to each of your audiences across social media so they know when to join and they can join in the conversation by responding to your tweets!

Instagram Stories – The host could post the questions on their Stories with the panellists tagged, so they can then share the slide on their own stories with their responses to the question. Alternatively, the panellists could just film themselves answering each of the questions and upload them at a set time, asking their audience to go to each of the other panellist’s Stories to see their responses.

Facebook/Instagram Live – If you were due to take part in a Q&A with a brand, could you both go live at the same time and co-host the talk that way? This would allow your audiences to ask questions, and a countdown could be posted on each of your Stories so people are notified when the live begins.

You’re wary of attending a gifting suite

With lots of people in and out (and probably testing products or trying on clothes) of a small space on the same day, it’s not surprising some of you would be wary of attending these right now. Could the brand provide you with a discount code or gift voucher to use on their website? That way you can order the pieces you like and have them delivered to your home, rather than having to take public transport or attend a confined and busy event.

Your press trip is cancelled due to travel restrictions 

Again, it may seem tricky to find a solution for this but if the point is to celebrate a big launch there are ways around it. Could everyone due to attend post on an unboxing on their Instagram at a set time? Or could the brand go live with you in the run up to the launch to build hype? As travel is tricky, this could be a great time for product launches to focus more on tutorials or styling videos that can be filmed at home and posted at the same time.

Suggesting solutions like this for brands may help you to secure some paid campaigns, or ensure that the ones you are due to take part in adapt to the current situation. We hope this advice is useful and helps you to maintain a steady income over the next few months.

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