Influencer weekly update – #5

Influencer weekly update – #5

Welcome to our weekly update on all things influencer marketing, social media and content creation. We like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to influencer-related things, and instead of keeping all of our findings to ourselves we thought we would share the stories, reports and announcements that we find most fascinating each week.

This week social distancing and influencer houses, lessen the impact of COVID-19 on your influencer campaigns and how brands can safeguard influencers against being ‘cancelled’. Carrying on reading to find out more…

Can brands safeguard influencers against cancel culture?

Celebrities and influencers are often held to account by their audiences when they do something wrong, but often the trolling that comes alongside being ‘cancelled’ takes a huge toll on their mental health. Being trolled is an isolating experience, is there more that brands could do to support their ambassadors when this happens?

What social distancing means for influencer houses

It’s not unusual for a group of creators to live together, for some it makes sharing a constant stream of content a lot easier than if they lived alone. However, when it comes to social distancing influencer houses could either be a blessing or a curse. It offers an opportunity to band together and work on joint projects, but if one member gets sick it could mean no content creation for anyone in the house.

Lessen the impact of COVID-19 on your influencer campaigns

Have you noticed a drop in paid opportunities? We’ve shared some suggestions as to how you could still partner with brands on projects, help them to draw attention to new launches and keep the conversation going online.

The impact of detox teas on influencer trust

There’s no denying that influencers who promote potentially harmful products undermine the trustworthiness of the industry. The FTC took action against Teami Tea this month and there’s expectation that this will result in stricter regulations around product endorsement.

Coronavirus causes spike in social media use

As lots of people are currently working from home, it’s not surprising that there’s been a spike in social media use. This could be a great time to try out a new form of content, start a video series or even jump on a platform you haven’t had the chance to test out.

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