Influencer weekly update – #7

Influencer weekly update – #7

Welcome to our weekly update on all things influencer marketing, social media and content creation. We like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to influencer-related things, and instead of keeping all of our findings to ourselves we thought we would share the stories, reports and announcements that we find most fascinating each week. This week TikTok: socially distant yet bridging the gap, 12 upcoming trends in influencer marketing and creativity in isolation. Carry on reading to find out more…

What influencer marketing can learn from performance marketing

Performance marketing has grown remarkably over the past few years. It has tightened up targeting and made messaging more accurate. Taking what we have learnt from performance marketing and applying it to influencer marketing could lead to more authentic and effective collaborations.

TikTok: socially distant yet bridging the gap

It was inevitable, really. With many families forced to self-isolate together at home, parents are infiltrating their children’s TikTok content. This article touches on how we can use the platform to stay connected while we work from home.

12 upcoming trends in influencer marketing

Determining what trends are likely to happen before they do can help marketers get ahead of the curve and fully capitalize on relevant trends before they fade. To help marketing experts map out their strategies for the remainder of 2020, 12 members of Forbes Agency Council share their insight on what trends they expect to see in the coming months.

FTC’s crackdown on influencer marketing is just getting started

The FTC wants to see brands and agencies taking a more proactive role in establishing compliance procedures and monitoring their campaigns. Will influencer certification help limit the risk of liability?

Creativity in isolation

As brands further shift their strategies to digital, how can Influencers adapt their creative output to make the best out of an uncertain situation? Including interviews and creative examples from three key creators, Whalar look at how they are continuing to connect with their audiences and what brands can learn from them.

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