Five brand houses we would like to see

Five brand houses we would like to see

From the Fenty TikTok house to Team 10 house, influencers living together isn’t a new concept. For brands, it can be a smart way to ensure they never miss out on what’s trending, with creators ‘on call’ to film and take photos at the click of a finger. We don’t see this trend dying down anytime soon, so here’s a few examples of the brand houses we would love to see…

Chanel – We would love to see a designer brand jump on this trend, and Chanel is a classic design house that we think would do this well. From wardrobes full of chic tweed two pieces and handbags to dressing tables covered with picture-perfect lipsticks and nail polishes, every inch of this house would be aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully set in the heart of Paris (with a view of the Eiffel Tower, naturally), it would give us a real insight into the Chanel lifestyle and their creators could also take us to the FROW for each catwalk (and even backstage for a look at the makeup and hair concepts for each show)!

Nike – We’re surprised there isn’t a sport-focused influencer house yet, and we think Nike could set up a pretty amazing one. Their brand has a cult following, and a Portland home could play host to some of the world’s top sporting talent. Loungewear, trainers and sportswear could all be showcased from here, and their creators could show the versatility of each item. The house could even play host to game nights or friendly matches, which would be a lot of fun to watch.

ASOS – Is there anything ASOS don’t stock? It wouldn’t be hard to set up an ASOS home, and we would love to see the wide variety of their stock on show in a London home. ASOS pride themselves on being inclusive, so we would love to see a versatile range of influencers in this house to realistically show how their clothing fits on different body shapes and sizes. We would love to see weekly hauls highlighting what’s ‘new in’ and what each creator is most excited about.

Revolution Beauty – We love the collaborative and inclusive aspect of this beauty brand, and a house would give them the opportunity to showcase all of the new launches they have and the influencers they frequently collaborate with. A part of the house could be used for interviews and demos with influencers who they have recently collaborated with, and the housemates could create content daily to showcase the versatility of the skincare and makeup products they offer.

Primark – From homeware to beauty to clothing, Primark basically provide everything you could possibly need. We would love to see their house in Birmingham, close to their mega store, and with creators who can offer décor tips, styling advice and beauty tutorials. They often collaborate on collections inspired by popular films and TV shows, so why not theme a room for each new collection launch? This could be really immersive and would give the creators the opportunity to go all out with the themed content.

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