Influencer Weekly Update – #10

Influencer Weekly Update – #10

Welcome to our weekly update on all things influencer marketing, social media and content creation. We like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to influencer-related things, and instead of keeping all of our findings to ourselves we thought we would share the stories, reports and announcements that we find most fascinating each week. This week Gleam Futures launches Gleam Entertainment, how influencers’ currency has increased during the Covid-19 crisis and eight ways to boost your influence on Instagram.

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Gleam Futures launches Gleam Entertainment for TV personalities

Gleam Futures have turned their attention to talent management for personalities who have started their careers on mainstream media platforms and shifted to make digital content a core focus. The roster already includes a Love Island contestant, Loose Women presenter and Made in Chelsea star. Gleam Entertainment will aim to better align their online and offline careers.

Influencers’ currency has increased during Covid-19 crisis

Our daily lives have changed dramatically over the past month, and brands are leaning into influencer marketing to ensure they can share relevant messages that keep their audience engaged during the crisis. Working with content creators also allows brands to build a bank of lifestyle content that they can use during uncertain times.

What can brands do with creators during the pandemic?

Sam Coleman, Commercial Director at THE FIFTH, has shared a LinkedIn post discussing how brands can partner with influencers and creators during the health crisis. The focus now is on providing value and a sense of community to a captive audience that is slowly adjusting to a new pace of life. Creators can be used to deliver this message, but brands will need to be cautious and precise with their approach.

Coronavirus Has Battered the Influencer Market – But Some Are Still Pulling in Work

For a lot of influencers, work has dried up as brands pull sponsorship agreements and cancel planned collaborations. Some social media stars are keeping faith, but with an expectation that there will be more competition between micro and macro influencers for campaign budgets.

Eight Ways to Boost Your Influence on Instagram

If you’re familiar with the platform you may know that 80% of users follow at least one brand. So, how can you make sure you’re the one people connect with? From establishing an aesthetic to creating relevant hashtags, this guide offers some great advice for making your mark.

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