How to secure brand collaborations as an influencer

How to secure brand collaborations as an influencer

When it comes to working with brands, knowing how to connect with them and discuss collaborations can be tricky. From contacting the right person to writing a compelling pitch email, here’s our easy-to-follow guide for securing brand collaborations as an influencer.

How do I find the right brand contact?

The first thing to do when reaching out to a brand you want to work with is to find the right person to contact. It may be a lot easier to just fire off an email to the generic info address listed on their website, or send them a DM, but both of these methods risk your message getting lost in the noise.

If you want to find the exact right contact, LinkedIn is your best friend. Search for the brands you are most interested in working with and see who has a job title that includes the phrase ‘influencer marketing’ or ‘digital marketing’. Once you’ve found the right person, why not send them a request to connect with a message asking for the best email to contact them on about potential brand collaborations? Using LinkedIn keeps your approach professional and makes it more likely that you’ll find the exact right person to speak to.

If you really can’t find a suitable contact via LinkedIn, then your best bet is to send a DM on one of their social media platforms. In your message ask who the best person is to contact about collaborations. This way, when you do send an email you’ll be sending it directly to the right person rather than hoping they stumble across it in the general company inbox.

What should I include in my pitch email?

When it comes to pitch emails, you want to keep it short and sweet. Including too much information could make them less likely to read the full email, and really all you want to do with your first email is gauge their interest in a collaboration.

The key to a good pitch email is concisely explaining how a collaboration will benefit both the brand and yourself.

Begin with a brief intro about why you love the brand and feel you would be a good fit for a collaboration. It’s worth mentioning if you’re already a fan of the brand, and providing links to posts where you’ve featured them.

Once you’ve made it clear why you want to work with them, it’s time to make a case for why they should want to work with you. Here you can share some of your stats and audience demographics. Pick a few (3-4) key ones so it’s not too wordy.

As a sign off say you look forward to their response and working with them in the future. Make sure you attach your media kit to this email so they can find more info about your audience, stats and previous brand collaborations easily.

What should I do if my email is ignored?

We’ve all experienced inbox fatigue and had days where the idea of replying to every message fills us with dread. It’s important to remember that no response doesn’t mean they’re not interested, it might just mean that they had more urgent tasks to deal with that week.

Make sure you wait at least a few days before following up on your initial email. Nobody likes being chased less than 24 hours after the original email was sent!

Keep your follow up email short and concise. Simply ask if they would be interested in a collaboration and express your interest in getting the ball rolling.

If there’s still no response, it may be worth moving on to another brand. You can always reach out again in a couple of months when it may be a less busy period of time for them.

The brand is interested! How do I negotiate a fee for my content?

Negotiating fees for brand collaborations can feel tricky, especially when you’re the one to reach out, but it’s important you do to ensure you’re not undercutting other influencers. If a brand is interested in working with you, the next step would be to decide exactly what the collaboration will look like.

Be upfront about your fees. You can give specific prices for each thing you offer (static Instagram post, YouTube video ad slot, Instagram Stories etc) or you can provide packages that they can choose from. It’s really up to you how you approach it, but make sure you’re clear about expecting a fee for your work from the start so there’s no surprises down the line!

Have a set fee in your mind that is the absolute minimum that you will accept, and start at a higher price than this so you have the space to negotiate if they only have a limited budget available.

Once you’ve agreed on a set amount of content and fee for it, make sure you both sign a contract agreeing to the terms. This ensures the brand can’t request additional content once the collaboration begins and you’re clear on what content needs to be delivered, and when it needs to be delivered by.

What can I do to keep the brands I work with happy?

Once you’ve completed your first collaboration, you’ll want to maintain the relationship with them to make future brand collaborations more likely.

Follow up with them once the collaboration has been completed and ask them for some feedback. Provide them with as many analytics as you can so they can accurately measure the ROI of the collaboration. It may even be worth screenshotting the comments and responses from your followers to give them an insight into how the content was received.

You can also offer ‘extra value’ so the brands you work with feel you go above and beyond for them. This could be a couple of extra Instagram Stories, a tweet or maybe even an organic mention of the brand in one of your videos. This helps to really build your relationship with a brand and will make them feel highly valued.

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