How to shoot aesthetically pleasing content at home

How to shoot aesthetically pleasing content at home

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They say there’s no place like home…but when it comes to shooting content that often isn’t true! So, if you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to shooting aesthetically pleasing content while we’re cooped up indoors, here’s four ways you can create Instagram-worthy content from the comfort of your own home.

Use your bedsheets as a backdrop

This is a tip that we’ve seen circulating a lot recently, and there’s no denying that it makes for some amazing, gorgeous content. If your house isn’t the most Instagrammable, then using some duct tape to create a bedsheet backdrop can instantly transform your room into a photo studio. We love Ruby Keyvani’s set up, and like her you could add a chair and houseplant to your setup to make it more interesting.

You don’t have to have crisp, white bedsheets for this technique to work, bright colours will be equally as good (especially if your feed is more colourful)!

Fake a mirror selfie

If you don’t have a full-length mirror, or there’s only one corner of your room that you feel is aesthetically pleasing, then faking a mirror selfie can be a great way to shoot some content at home. Maria J Blogs has nailed this technique and she frequently shares other people’s posts that are tagged #fakemirrorselfie.

Setting up for this is quite easy, put your camera on your tripod and set it to self-timer. Then, once you’re in position, hold your phone as if you were taking a selfie in a mirror and use your self-timer to get some amazing photos. Change the height and angle at which you’re holding your phone to whatever feels the most natural for each shot. This works equally well for full-length and cropped images.

Take more detail shots

One of the best ways to shoot aesthetically pleasing content at home is to focus more on detail shots. Closer crops mean that the background won’t matter as much and you can give your followers a more intimate look at your current lifestyle, beauty favourites or jewellery pieces. Play with aperture and angles for some gorgeous photos that will look great on your feed. We love Gabriela’s content right now, the detail shots are amazing.

If you’re more of a travel blogger, why not place some plane tickets from your favourite trip in your jeans pocket and shoot that? This can be a great way to create travel-focused content that doesn’t require you actually visiting new destinations. You could also photograph trinkets from your travels and use the captions to tell the story behind each item.

Get creative with your editing

If you’re really not feeling your content right now, why not shift your focus to what you can create during the editing process? There’s a variety of apps that are great for adding some extra magic to your images.

One of our favourites is Template. This app, founded by Zoe Sugg, is great for inserting your images into templates that give more of a creative feel to what you’re posting. They have lots of options within the app, including journal, film and minimal layouts. You can even create galleries that will then be saved as three square images that you can post as a carousel or share one after the other for a strip of connected images on your Instagram profile.

Another favourite of ours is Meitu. This app has a tool called ‘mosaic’ that allows you to paint various different backgrounds or effects onto your images. For example, you can add sparkles to areas of your images, or replace your background with marble or sky. This can be really useful if you have things you want to emphasise or hide in your images, and the app is free and easy to use.

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