Six props you can use while shooting content at home

Six props you can use while shooting content at home

Not sure how to pose for photos? Here’s six props you can use to make you feel less awkward (and they can all be found within your home)!

When it comes to shooting content at home, knowing how to pose (or where to take your photos) can be tricky. Using props can be a great way to make you feel less awkward and add some variation to the content you’re shooting. Here’s six props that you can use to make your content more interesting and, bonus points, they can all be found within your home.

Mug – Whether tea or coffee is your vibe, using a mug can be a great way to make posing for photos feel a lot more natural. It also adds a cosy element to your images that’s great for cloudy or rainy days. You can fill your mug with your favourite hot drink (or leave it empty if you’re clumsy and don’t want to spill anything!) then start snapping away using your self-timer. Mugs can also make for great props to use in flatlay images. There’s nothing quite like a fresh foamy latte, magazine and pair of sunglasses on crisp white bedsheets for an instagrammable set up.

Book – Not only does using books in your content give you the opportunity to share what you’re reading with your followers, but they make great props for self-portraits and flatlays. Why not hold your favourite book in front of your face or pose as if you’re in the middle of reading an especially gripping chapter? Stacks of books can be a good way to add dimension to your flatlays, especially if you stick to a colour theme.

Newspaper – In a similar way to using a book, newspapers can be a great prop for photoshoots. Pretending to read them, or using them to obscure part of your face or body can instantly make a photo more interesting. They can also be used as backdrops for flatlays, just pick the pages that work best for what you’re trying to shoot and snap away.

Perfume – If you want to take more beauty shots at home, perfume bottles can be the perfect pretty accessory for your photos. Most perfume bottles are very instagrammable, and you can use them to pretend to spritz your neck or wrists while you shoot. You can also use them in flatlays alongside products with the same colour scheme. Perfumes can also be great for detail shots. If you’ve got a smaller, or more square shaped bottle, why not put it in your jeans pocket for an interesting detail shot?

Phone – It’s something that we all have (and some of us are glued to ours for most of the day) so why not include it in your photos? You could fake a mirror selfie by using your camera to shoot yourself holding your phone pretending to take a selfie, or pretend to check your notifications for a more natural shot. Phones can also work well in flatlays. If you’ve got a great phone case why not show it off in your photos? Or, you could pull up your Instagram feed on your screen and shoot a flatlay with it on display for some meta content.

Food – Whether you’re a non-stop snacker or three square meals a day type of person, we all have food in our cupboards and it can make for the perfect (and most natural) prop when shooting. Whether it’s a bag of Doritos or a bowl of blueberries, food can be used to give your self-portraits a more ‘real’ feel. Fruit (especially oranges and lemons) also look great in seasonal flatlays.

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