Five at home workouts to boost your mood

Five at home workouts to boost your mood

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If you’re used to regular gym sessions, or new to including fitness in your weekly routine, finding workouts that are easy to do from the comfort of your own home can be tricky. Nobody wants to get halfway through a workout before realising they don’t have the equipment, or the space, to fully take part. We’ve scoured the internet and social media for the best at home workouts for you. From balancing yoga sessions to adrenaline-boosting HIIT, here’s our recommendations for workouts that will boost your mood:

What should I wear for my workouts?

Before we get into our class recommendations, let’s talk fitness wear. Ultimately you want to make sure you’re comfortable during your workouts. Depending on how intense the workout is, you may need a sports bra that offers sufficient support. There’s lots of comfortable and pretty fitness wear options available, and Elissa & Stef have some pastel pairs of leggings and sports bras that we’re tempted to treat ourselves to!

Balancing yoga

When the world is feeling overwhelming, or you need a moment to de-stress after an intense day at your desk, yoga can be a great way to re-balance your mind and body. We love following Adriene Mishler’s YouTube videos, they’re all free to use and are suitable for all abilities. She even has a 30 day home series on her channel, so if you’re up for a challenge you can do a video each day.

Want a yoga session that has more of a social element? Make sure you join our virtual yoga class, in partnership with Elissa & Stef, on June 12 at 10.30am We can’t wait to see you all there!

Barre that makes you burn

If you’re looking for a session that will make you work up a sweat then Barre is the way to go. These workouts are intense, and will push your muscles to the limit. They’re great for strengthening and toning, and you’ll definitely be feeling the burn during a session. Want to take part? We recommend checking out Psycle’s IGTV videos for sessions you can take part in whenever you feel up to the challenge.

HIIT at home

For those of us who like to work in short, intense bursts a HIIT workout could be just what is needed as a mid-week boost or weekend session. There’s lots of HIIT workout videos available on YouTube that are easy to follow and require minimal space, but we’ve been loving using the Gymshark app to get our fix. They’ve currently made all of their at home workouts free, so you have plenty of choice when selecting your workout. We’ve really enjoyed Mr & Mrs Muscle’s 22 minute HIIT workout for a quick session.

The Bikini Body Guide

Probably one of the most famous influencer-run fitness guides and apps, the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) is a collection of workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own home to help tone and sculpt your body. Kayla’s app SWEAT is £7.49 per month for full access and includes the BBG as well as many other workouts. Kayla has also shared some workouts on her YouTube channel, so if you want to try before you buy, give those a go first!

Full body tone and sculpt

If full body workouts are your thing, then a tone a sculpt session is probably going to work best for you. POPSUGAR Fitness share some great workouts on their YouTube channel, and they don’t require any equipment so can easily be done at home. If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow guide, we recommend checking out Krissy Cela’s 12 week Ultimate Summer Body Guide. It’s a bit pricey at £55, but as it is a 12 week programme it does work out cheaper than a gym membership.

Elissa & Stef started from humble beginnings Manchester. They began as a lingerie company, specialising in boy shorts and sports bras. They wanted to create products that their customers can move in; focusing on comfort and cutting-edge design. It seemed like a natural progression to also take the brand into the activewear market. Their heavily patterned and seamless designs have been a  roaring success and they pride themselves on listening to what their customers want. This is why they have also developed more fashion-forward designs that feature the hard-wearing flexible fabrics needed to perform at the gym, as well as the eye-catching patterns and prints that their customers can wear day-to-day, in the evening, and at festivals.

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