Influencer Weekly Update – #17

Influencer Weekly Update – #17

Welcome to our weekly update on all things influencer marketing, social media and content creation. We like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to influencer-related things, and instead of keeping all of our findings to ourselves we thought we would share the stories, reports and announcements that we find most fascinating each week. This week Influencer Pay Gap exposes inconsistencies with pay, why brands need to look for usefulness, not aesthetics, when choosing influencers and Photoshop launch a new creative camera app.

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Influencer Pay Gap exposes inconsistencies with pay

An Instagram account that was set up on June 8 to expose the inconsistencies in how much influencers are paid has reached 16,000+ followers. The account features screenshots from their DMs of influencers sharing information about their ethnicity, follower count, engagement rate and highest paid campaigns. It is hoped that this transparency about earnings will encourage underpaid influencers to ask for more.

Brands need to look for usefulness, not aesthetics, when choosing influencers

The influencer industry has been going through a period of change for a while. Gone are the days of brands spending vast amounts of money on influencers who simply look good, an authentic connection with your audience and content that stands the test of time are becoming more valuable to brands.

Photoshop launch new creative camera app

Adobe have applied some of the powerful photo-editing capabilities of Photoshop to a new camera app that lets you apply filters and even remove unwanted parts of a shot while you’re still framing it. The app is free for iOS and Android users, regardless of whether you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Alibaba begins work with international influencers

Influencers are a great way to drive traffic, and Alibaba are looking to capitalise on the popularity of video. It’s hoped that by working with international influencers on compelling short video clips, they will be able to increase their sales.

Influencer marketing post COVID-19

Social media has been one of the biggest forms of entertainment during lockdown. Many influencers have adapted their content to align with lockdown, and this provides them with opportunity to advertise products that are helping people through this difficult period.

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