How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog

How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog

Pinterest is a visual search platform and, if used correctly, can drive traffic to your blog. If you’re not sure how to get the most out of Pinterest, here’s our tips for using the platform as a creator.

Use text overlays

In order to drive traffic to your blog, its important people know exactly what to expect when they click through. The easiest way to make this clear to them is by using text overlays on your images. It’s best to keep these simple so they don’t make your images too ‘busy’. If your blog title is short and sweet, why not stick to that? For example, you text overlay could be ‘five cafes to visit in Budapest’ or ‘Dior Forever foundation review’.

If you want a quick and easy way to create text overlays, we recommend using Canva. They have lots of great Pinterest templates available, so all you will need to do is drop in your images, tweak the font and text and download.

Pin a variety of content

A great way the get the most out of your blog content (and increase the chances of driving traffic to your posts) is to vary your style of Pins. As well as text overlay images, why not share additional images from within the post? The more Pins you create that link back to your blog content, the more likely it is that your traffic will increase.

You could also mix some video Pins in that relate to your blog content. You can link to your posts via them and they may be a more captivating way to encourage people to click through and visit your website. Make sure you also re-pin your content across any of your boards that it relates to, increasing the chances of it being seen by people.

Build your boards

One of the best ways to build up your impressions (and drive traffic) on Pinterest is by building some strong boards. Make sure each of your boards has 40+ Pins and includes a variety of styles of content. Including a mix of infographics, text overlay images, ‘naked’ images and video will improve the performance of the board.

Keep your boards updated regularly and start new ones frequently so you always have new opportunities to promote your content. Make sure each board has a healthy mix of your own, and others’, content. You could even have a board that is exclusively your own content!

Make sure you apply SEO to your titles and descriptions so your boards are easy to find by people searching for related content.

Take part in trends

One of the quickest, and easiest, ways to get your Pins seen by a wider audience is by jumping onto trends. Pinterest regularly share upcoming trends on their blog, and if you submit your content before the deadline you have the opportunity to feature on their ‘Today tab’. This could drive massive traffic to your blog.

Staying on top of trends, and creating content that fits into them, will give your content structure and make your Pins more likely to perform well on Pinterest.

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