Influencer Weekly Update – #22

Influencer Weekly Update – #22

Welcome to our weekly update on all things influencer marketing, social media and content creation. We like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to influencer-related things, and instead of keeping all of our findings to ourselves we thought we would share the stories, reports and announcements that we find most fascinating each week. This week The Connect Agency launch a Micro Influencer booking agency, Amazon adds live streaming to their Influencer Program and fans pay tribute to Nicole Thea.

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Micro Influencer booking agency launched by The Connect Agency

The Connect Agency has built an impressive database of influencers over the past few years, and now they will be helping Micro Influencers to partner with brands on campaigns. Connect Engage will represent digital influencers within the family, health, wellness and interiors spaces. Megan Rose, Managing Director at The Connect Agency, said: “Adding digital influencers to a campaign checklist brings campaigns to life, provides additional content for brand social channels, and drives messages further to a highly engaged audience.”

Amazon adds live streaming to their Influencer Program

Live streamers will soon be able to earn commission on the Amazon products they showcase in their videos. Amazon is adding live streaming to their already successful Influencer Program and will focus on their own Amazon Live service. The service works in a similar way to QVC, where hosts can talk about and demo products.

Fans pay tribute to Nicole Thea

Hundreds of thousands of people watched Nicole Thea’s pregnancy journey. Since her, and her baby Reign’s, sudden death last week the tributes have been flooding in. The 24 year-old had 160,000+ fans on Instagram and regularly shared updates on her pregnancy with her followers.

How can small businesses benefit from influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a popular strategy for many businesses, but for those that don’t have a huge budget it can be seen as a risk. If you do your research properly, working with the right influencers can be a cost-effective and impactful way for brands to build a loyal audience of their own and attract customers.

Master carpenter turned YouTube influencer

A 63 year-old Chinese grandpa has become a YouTube sensation after sharing his traditional carpentry skills on the platform. Wang Dewen went viral on YouTube after sharing a video of him making a wooden arch bridge that has now been viewed more than 42 million times.

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