Five reasons to jump on the TikTok bandwagon

Five reasons to jump on the TikTok bandwagon

TikTok has rapidly risen in popularity over the past year, in fact it’s the second most downloaded app in the Apple app store (source). But, how do you decide if the platform is for you and how to create regular content for it? Here’s a few reasons why we love the platform, how to create compelling content for it (and maybe even go viral)!

The content feels more authentic

If you miss the early days of Instagram, when everyone was posting grainy photos of their ice cream and hashtags *actually* worked for growing your following then you’re going to LOVE TikTok. The app is still fairly new and content really is king. From people filming dance challenges in their bedrooms to viral funny clips, the content on TikTok feels far less curated and ‘perfect’ than other social media platforms. This gives creators (like you!) a unique opportunity to get back to basics and share content that they truly love, with huge rewards if it ends up going viral. There’s general hashtags you can use (#ukvlog #ukbeauty #ukcomedy to name a few) to get your content seen, but also the opportunity to create your own hashtags alongside them to build an audience for your particular niche.

Challenges are easy to take part in

Challenges are probably the most fun aspect of TikTok. These can be found on the discover tab and tend to change weekly (although some stick around for longer if they’re really popular). Taking part in challenges (and using the relevant hashtags for them) is probably the best way to grow rapidly on the platform. There’s a lot of eyeballs on those hashtags, so if your content is on point (whether it’s inspiring, funny, informative or creative) you’re sure to find your account quickly gaining followers and before you know it you’ll have an engaged TikTok audience eager for your next video.

Niche content is rewarded

As mentioned above, TikTok content feels very authentic and real which leaves space for extremely niche content to gain popularity quickly (and even influence trends on the platform). From #FarmRushHour (yep, that’s farm animals being let out of their pens in the morning) to sped up cake decorating, to people impersonating their primary school teachers – you really can’t be too specific with your style of content. So if you have a niche interest, or a character you think would be a hit, this is the platform to trial it on.

Organic growth still exists!

We touched on this earlier, but it’s worth reiterating. Organic growth is alive and well on TikTok! While users on other platforms have seen their engagement rates dwindle and organic growth slow to almost a complete stop, TikTok users are racing full steam ahead. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a user to strike gold with their videos and gain thousands of followers within a matter of days. This is great for those of us fed up with investing time into high quality content that barely gets seen on other platforms. Stay consistent with your upload schedule, jump on trends and offer something unique and it’s likely your account will grow rapidly.

You can collaborate with other creators

This is something that a lot of other platforms don’t allow you to do (although YouTube did allow video responses many years ago). Having the option to respond to viral videos, and even take part in challenges set up by other creators, makes the platform really social and just generally fun to create content for. We suggest following some of the biggest creators on the platform (and featured creators) to find videos you can respond to.

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Influencer weekly update – #1

Influencer weekly update – #1

Welcome to a brand new feature on our blog – a weekly update on all things influencer marketing, social media and content creation. We like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to influencer-related things, and instead of keeping all of our findings to ourselves we thought we would share the stories, reports and announcements that we found most fascinating each week.

This week YouTube turned 15, Instagrans (yep, grannies on Instagram) were in the spotlight and engagement rates (once again) plummeted. Carrying on reading to find out more…

YouTube turns 15

What started with a video of Karim at the San Diego zoo is now a massive video platform with 500 hours of footage uploaded every minute and 2 billion monthly users, can you believe the platform is only 15 years old? This Guardian article explores what happened to some of the platform’s early stars and how their relationship with the platform has evolved.

“I thought it would be easy, but I quickly learned it was a grind. You had to get your own content out, have your own ideas, develop your own personality.” – Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Brown

Are the updated ASA guidelines impractical?

The ASA and CMA seem to update their guidelines for paid and gifted influencer partnerships every few months, and with the most recent overhaul there are worries that it could make disclosing more complex relationships between influencers and brands difficult. 96% of people in the UK saying they do not trust influencers, so making sure guidelines are easy to follow (and clear to the audience) is crucial to the future success of the influencer industry.

The world needs Instagrans

When it comes to social media, most people mistakenly believe it’s a young person’s world. How wrong they are! From Baddie Winkle, to Suzi Grant to Sarah Jane Adams, Instagrans are taking over our favourite social media platform and breathing new life into the fashion industry. This BBC video dives into the impact social media can have on the older generation, helping them to develop cognitive skills and build social connections.

The Value of Contracted Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Travel

User generated content and recommendations from trusted influencers can be incredibly powerful for the travel industry, turning lesser known destinations into hotspots practically overnight. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Influencer have suggested that contracted influencer marketing campaigns should be used more frequently. Introducing a contract into travel campaigns gives brands more creative control, the ability to build long-term relationships, a guarantee of traffic being driven to their pages and the chance to work with higher quality creators.

Plummeting engagement rates on Instagram

Since the introduction of an algorithm to Instagram in 2016 a lot of users feel the reach of their posts has been dramatically reduced. As each algorithm update or new feature comes along, there’s a collective groan as engagement rates plummet. But it’s not all doom and gloom, in fact Ogilvy UK head of influence, Rahul Titus, believes the drop in engagement is a good thing as it discourages brands from relying on vanity metrics to determine the success of each campaign.

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Why influencer marketing is defining how brands communicate in 2020

Why influencer marketing is defining how brands communicate in 2020

As we begin a new decade, the world of influencer marketing is shifting (with high quality and emotive content taking centre stage). Fresh attitudes and a new breed of influencers are dictating the way people engage with brands. Customers are increasingly ignoring traditional advertising and instead placing more value in authentic, personal voices.

The numbers back this up. 60% of consumers see their peers as a credible source of information on products and services (source) and 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations (source).

Businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing (source). It’s a popular channel that offers a strong return on investment, and gives brands a direct line to very specific niches.

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The rise of the influencer

Like any new channel, people are still working out the specifics. A few years ago brands would simply shower influencers with gifts and free trips and expect to see an immediate uplift in sales. Some products went viral. Some flopped. Working with influencers felt like a roll of the dice.

Fast-forward to today and the approach is more focused and increasingly sophisticated. Brands are hunting out the right partners; looking for genuine voices whose followers have a real connection to their stories. That might mean foodie photographers posting about ingredients you can only find in Liguria. Professional skiers raving about the slopes in a Swiss resort. Or plus-size travellers seeking out providers who cater to their exact needs for a tour in Bali.

BorderlessLive is a social media conference and show that’s all about forging these connections. Let’s look at some of the connection stories from last year’s show, and what we can learn from them.

Photography by Kaye Ford

The creator story

Kirsty Leanne (@kirstyleanneuk) is a travel blogger with a unique niche: she focuses on plus-size travellers. And the combination of this niche with the networking opportunities at BorderlessLive was a winning mix for her last year.

“I started out blogging about six years ago now. I originally blogged about travel and then specifically plus-size travel. It’s very, very niche.”

Kirsty’s journey shows an approach that bears consistent results: find your niche and really concentrate on it. There are plenty of influencers posting white sand beaches and instagrammable cocktails, but this non-specific imagery doesn’t tend to engage followers with more specific interests and needs.

Kirsty says that talking to this audience means they’re much closer to making a buying decision. Rather than thinking ‘I’d like a holiday,’ they’re thinking, ‘Where can I go with a hotel that gives me exactly what I want.’

This is something brands are starting to realise. Kirsty says, “If I pitch a plus-size idea, brands can’t always see why they need it: they often just want the pretty pictures, the ‘look at this beautiful place.’ But when I explain it, they see ‘Here are people with a genuine interest in plus-size travel – and they’re ready to book’.”

Staying specific and knowing her niche helped Kirsty make a success of BorderlessLive 2019. She told us, “At the show, I didn’t speak to many people at all. Everyone was going to every stand, talking to everyone. Instead, I had a list of people who I knew I wanted to talk to. I spoke to three people altogether, and one of them was someone I already work with.”

From that focused planning, she arranged a collaboration to run a specific plus-size trip with her followers. Working with G Adventures, she’s checked that every single aspect of the trip is plus-size friendly – from transport and accommodation to destinations and locations. And the online buzz is already starting among her followers.

Photography by Kaye Ford

The brand story

Just a Drop exhibited at BorderlessLive last year. The charity has worked in 32 different countries to help communities get access to safer, cleaner water and better hygiene and sanitation – and social channels are essential to that effort.

Alice Mellar, partnership manager for the charity, told us about how a visit to BorderlessLive helped them reach more people. “Before BorderlessLive we’d never really worked with influencers. We weren’t entirely sure what we’d signed up to with the show, but we thought they were a good fit for our charity. We wanted to increase our reach, and that meant finding people in the travel space who had a lot of followers, and who could put our campaigns out and share our solutions in a relatable way.”

The show was hectic, but they started to make contact with influencers whose followers were interested in what the charity was doing.

The clearest example is Michael Gerber (@mcsgerber). With 190,000+ global travel-loving Instagram followers, the team at Just a Drop were really interested in collaborating with the Swiss vlogger. Together they created a video about the charity’s work, which engaged people they would never have reached otherwise.

“With Michael, it was a real opportunity to connect with a new audience,” said Alice. “His followers are people we would never reach normally. When we were talking about travel, we were talking about people in the travel industry – tour operators, destinations, that sort of area. Michael was talking to young people with an interest in travel. The sort of projects we support – like sand dams to store water for the dry season – are difficult to explain. Working with Michael made it simple to understand. It was a personal voice across things.”

With this success under their belt, Just a Drop are looking to build on it for the 2020 show. Alice says, “This year we’ll go in with more of an understanding of how we work with influencers and what we want from them. Our strategy is to build an influencer group and help people who are visiting our communities to showcase our work.”

Photography by Kaye Ford

The industry perspective

We spoke to Albertine Brandon, who gave a talk and hosted a panel on behalf of Blogosphere at BorderlessLive 2019. She explained the crucial role physical events can play in connecting brands and influencers, and providing inspiration for content:

“You get insight from people who’ve been in the industry for quite a while and have really seen it grow,” she told us. “You’re being taught about how to take your content to the next level, or make sure it’s nominated for an award.”

As well as the opportunity to learn, she says the networking opportunities are unmissable. “My advice? Go to the talks and the panels. One hundred percent. It’s your chance not just to hear from the experts in the industry, but also to talk to them afterwards. You can ask them your burning questions directly.”

“Everything in our world is online, and when you’re working alone you don’t always get the chance to meet people. At BorderlessLive, you can be there and build those connections with people who are influential within the industry.”

Influencers are only one half of the equation, though. Albertine also says the show can be a game-changer for brands.

“For brands, it’s about finding the right people to work with,” she says. “Everyone wants to travel, so there’s this feeling that influencers are just looking for a free holiday. As a brand, you’re worried you might say yes and all you get is a zero-return Instagram story.”

“But when you partner with the right people your destination or hotel can go viral. Look at Santorini. Marrakesh. Bali. Some people can go and then post, then everyone wants to go. BorderlessLive gives you the chance to meet the right influencers, to talk to them about how they work and what their aesthetic is. It’s so much better than just googling ‘top UK travel bloggers’.”

Photography by Kaye Ford

Making your connection

BorderlessLive is all about making the right connections between brands and influencers – and helping both improve their social engagement.

The influencer marketing conference and show brings together a broad-ranging mix of brands – from travel to food, and from lifestyle to fashion. They’re looking for collaborations that hit their specific audience niches, and this is the perfect context for influencers to pitch to them. Rather than sending an email into the abyss, the atmosphere encourages face-to-face conversations.

BorderlessLive has an in-depth programme for influencers, experts and brands to share their expertise. How do you measure engagement? Which channels are your customers using? What sort of content builds awareness, and what drives sales? Industry experts can help brands answer these questions and many more.

And of course, the show offers many different networking opportunities: on the show floor, in workshops and Q&As, and during networking events. It’s a chance to build connections for both brands and influencers.

It can only be a good thing that real, meaningful human connections are finally setting the agenda for marketing. Borderless Live is here to celebrate the moment — and the future. We hope you’ll join us for Borderless Live in London on 11-12 September 2020 and be part of marketing’s incredible new journey.

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How can we use Social Media as a Force for Good?

How can we use Social Media as a Force for Good?

In recent years social media has started to have a positive impact on the feminist movement. Modern day feminism is far from the outdated stereotype of a man-hating crusade, but instead a global drive for gender equality and advocacy of women’s rights. Whilst women are still seen to be underrepresented in traditional media, the rise of social media has encouraged women from all backgrounds to speak up and to be heard.


With many celebrities and digital influencers publicly embracing what it is to be a feminist, online movements are gaining greater momentum. From raising awareness of sexual harassment with the #MeToo hashtag, highlighting the reality of sexist experiences in the #everydaysexism project, to providing women with confidence through promoting body positivity. Social media is progressively being used as a force for good in the new feminist age.


And yet, despite this idea of community and empowerment across social media, we are still under pressure to conform to unrealistic ideals. Platforms remain plagued by individuals tearing one another down. Celebrities are trolled on a daily basis, some receiving death threats. Body positive models are criticized for promoting obesity, whilst runway models are slated for being too thin. We are quick to ‘like’ a complete stranger’s over-edited photo but scroll straight past a post from one of our peers. Whilst social comparison is at an all-time high, we must ask ourselves – what can we do to minimize the negative impacts that come with living in the digital age? And how can we ensure we are using social media in a positive way?


Start following accounts that focus on building each other up rather than bringing our confidence down. Get involved with influencer’s who provide an online community amongst their followers. Be more open to complimenting friends with uplifting comments. Actively share, post and engage with educational and empowering content to help create awareness of key global issues. And each time you visit social media, remember you have the ability to be that person who uses it as a force for good.

How brands can work with influencers

How brands can work with influencers

I’ve noticed that there is still is a big learning curve for brands to find the right influencer for them. I believe that social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook are still the largest, most valuable marketing tools that exist in the industry. The digital world is constantly evolving, so the marketplace for specific brands, especially in the travel industry, needs to be geared towards these needs, for example, creating video content which is creative and aspirational, with that spark to make it go viral.

This means that brands need to work with the right influencer for their specific needs. That could be a luxury resort needing someone that is focused on displaying the actual hard-product of the hotel, rather than of their hot bikini body in a picture where the beach could be anywhere in the world. The content that is generated has to match and showcase the details of a beautiful product making us want to escape to that organic juice trolley at the Six Senses after a relaxing sunrise yoga session if that is what is being advertised.

Providing inspiration and creating that desire to escape is crucial in the content creation process for any brand.

Focusing on quality versus quantity, means that a smaller influencer with 200,000 followers can often provide more value than someone with follower numbers in the millions. These larger followers have a more diverse fan-base which means smaller percentages of their supporters will be able to actually go on the holidays they are advertising. On the other hand, the influencer with the smaller fan-base maybe has a more targeted niche, who can be converted from a follower into a paying customer.

Brands can reach a much larger audience and receive cool, creative content for free if they have a relationship with a big travel influencer. Furthermore, a leading bikini brand or luxury resort has the advantage of buying the footage for their own websites and Instagram too.

The unique thing in this environment is that every influencer is their own artist. I wore a bikini for Sonja Morgan in a video, shot by a drone, standing on top of a cliff in Bali that went viral. It was re-posted a few million times by big profiles and the exposure for a beautiful resort or bikini brand on this scale can surpass a classic print ad.

But brands do have responsibilities of their own. They need to set boundaries and expectations in writing so everyone is clear on the deliverables, for example how many posts are made or what style the photos should be. This leaves all parties clear on how to proceed and how to develop the relationship yet further.

When you do produce videos, you’ll receive gifts in exchange. I created a video for the famous Mykonos cave hotel Cavo Tago that went viral and it showcased a walk through the cave’s indoor pool. But in the end, many followers asked me about my lemon bikini that I had purchased in Capri instead. I recommend longer-term relationships with brands so you have multiple posts which provide better visibility and can lead to these kinds of relationships where you become associated with a certain brand.

Get to know our speakers: Jamie Windust

Get to know our speakers: Jamie Windust

Jamie Windust is an award-winning editor, writer, speaker and model. They use their voice in their work to discuss LGBTQ+ lived experiences within the UK, specifically trans and non-binary experiences. Jamie was named as Fashion Influencer of the Year by Blogosphere Magazine. They’ve written for the likes of Metro UK, The Independent, Gay Times and DAZED, and currently they’re writing their debut book – out in 2020.


Find out more about Jamie below:


How did you get into your profession?
I became freelance after finishing university and being in a moment of terror, as all graduates have. I started to use my voice in freelance writing, and continued that which lead into other paths such as speaking and media work discussing LGBTQ+ life in the UK. Over the past year this has stretched out into modelling, social instagram work and consultancy as a freelancer.


What is one of your proudest creator moments?
Releasing my magazine FRUITCAKE is one of the best moments for me as a creator. It’s a moment where I’m able to share the cover and issue with the public, and really use social media to spread the message and actually create a business.


How do you get into the creative flow?
I’ve always been creative, and for me using social media to share and create, the authenticity and honesty I share isn’t premeditated or planned, so the creativity in that is always a spur of the moment burst.


Which content creator would you like to switch places with for a day?
I adore all the fun and important work Riyadh Khalaf does, I think he really shares an important message whilst really just having fun with it, so it would be Riyadh.


What is one thing you wish you had had or known when you first started out?
To ensure that the work and content and whatever you produce, that it doesn’t have to always involve your identity. You’re allowed to just do things for fun.


Why should people buy a ticket to BorderlessLive?

To really get behind the scenes of the content creator industry, and analyse the actual work behind it and not to just constantly consume without knowing what goes on behind the scenes.


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How much can bloggers earn?

How much can bloggers earn?

Following Vuelio’s UK Blogger’s Survey 2019, we wanted to explore the big taboo of the 21st century: the M word. These are the questions on everyone’s lips, but we’re all too shy to ask… How much do bloggers and content creators earn? How much should I be charging? Should I be working for free?

How has blogging changed in the past few years?

According to their extensive survey, (that makes for a very interesting read… should you have some spare time check it out here), two thirds of bloggers spend upwards of 15 hours working on their blog a week. This is hardly surprising considering that blogs can be monetised and can become a great source of income. 

Since 2016, the percentage of bloggers whose blog is their full time income has jumped from 8% up to 18% and the percentage of those who consider blogging to be a hobby has fallen from 34% to 24%. As fewer people are now blogging as a hobby and instead relying on it as a source of income, it’s important to have conversations about how to work with brands and PRs. 

At BorderlessLive there will be panels looking at both sides of the conversation, with creators and brands represented on how best they can work together. 

How much do bloggers earn?

On average, three quarters of respondents said that up to half their work was compensated. Just 2% of respondents said they charged £1001 + for a blog post, with 4% charging over this amount for a paid collaboration. Paid for collaborations will depend vastly, depending on what is being asked of you, unique monthly views, authority of your blog, the time it will take to produce it. The largest amount of respondents, almost one third, said that per blog post they earnt somewhere in the region of £101-£250. 

Overall, according to the Vuelio survey, about 27% of all the content that appears on a blog is compensated in some way, through a range of different means including advertising, affiliate links, paid for products and services. 

To find out more, check out the panel at BorderlessLive on ‘How do I make money online?’. You’ll hear from Steve Hänisch (Backpacker Steve) a G Adventures wanderer, Chloe Gunning (Wanderlust Chloe) and Adriano D’Ambrosio from ViviCity, talking about the various ways they make money online: from affiliate links, campaigns, paid for blog posts, advertising, and much more. It’s not too late to get your ticket to BorderlessLive now. 

Get to know our speakers: Adriano D’Ambrosio

Get to know our speakers: Adriano D’Ambrosio

Adriano is CEO and co-founder of VIVI CITY – the first website to allow travelers to search and compare guided tours, attraction tickets and many more travel experiences.

Launched back in 2017, VIVI CITY is now available in nine languages, offering over 300,000 tours and activities worldwide.

Adriano and the team behind VIVI CITY also specialize in content marketing, helping over 5 million travellers each year with tips and advice across ten different destinations.


Find out more about Adriano below:


How did you get into your profession?

It all started back in 2011, when I was living in London, with a blog about the city, mainly for the Italian readership. Eight years later, here I am, together with my team, running a network of ten destination sites in three languages. I can’t wait to go back to London, where it all started, to talk about what I do will be simply amazing!


What is one of your proudest blogging/YouTube moments?

In 2016, while working to expand our network of travel guides, we realized what the travel industry was missing: a digital platform for visitors to compare tours as activities normally scattered in various marketplaces. We worked hard and in June 2017 we launched Vivi City – the first search engine for travel experiences and attraction tickets! Definitely my proudest moment.


Which YouTuber or blogger would you like to switch places with for a day?

One of my favorite travel blogger is Shivya Nath, from India. Her approach to sustainable travel and responsibility as an influencer is one of the best things in the industry at the moment. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year at one event where her talk was one of the best, very inspiring.


What is one thing you wish you had had or known when you first started out?

I wish I had started attending events like BorderlessLive earlier! I’ve personally met some of the best people in the industry, sharing knowledge, brainstorming ideas and feeling inspired.


Why should people buy a ticket to BorderlessLive?

For content creators I’m sure it will be one of the most important investments of the year.

The quality of workshops and events looks amazing so far! I’m sure it will be extremely valuable for bloggers and publishers working in industries and niches other than travel. Plus…it’s London!


Click here to buy your ticket and hear more from Adriano on 6-7th September at Tobacco Dock.

Get to know our speakers: Matthew O’Shea

Get to know our speakers: Matthew O’Shea

An inspirational speaker & award-winning social innovator. Matthew’s mission is to tease out the “social impact potential” in us all. His most recent accomplishment, TicketAid, is one of very few examples of social intrapreneurship success that has led to him establishing Refinifiv Charities as a founding Trustee, as well as being named a 35 Under 35 Changemaker for 2019 and UN Sustainable Development Goals Pioneer Runner-Up. Collectively we can be a force for good in pursuing social impact initiatives, no matter how big or small and  Matthew challenges his audience to take up the mantle as social innovators within the private, public and third sector to…Do more. See more. Be more.


Find out more about Matthew below:


How did you get into your profession?

I was getting increasingly frustrated at seeing empty seats at “sold-out” concerts & events around the world, and wanted to do something about it. I pitched TicketAid as an idea to my employer who backed the initiative which has since grown into a globally accessed charitable alternative to the secondary ticket market, raising over £100,000 for charity in just over a year. My career has grown with it as Founder and Director, as well as a Member of Refinitiv Charities Board of Trustees.


What is one of your proudest blogging/YouTube moments?

The moment our teaser went live and was embedded within the landing TicketAid website. We put a lot of time and effort into making the video fresh, comedic and entertaining; unlike anything a corporate audience would have seen before. Go check it out!


How do you get into the creative flow?

I usually put on a playlist of “Music from the Motion Picture…” like Time by Hans Zimmer (from Inception) or That Home by the Cinematic Orchestra and throw myself into whatever it is I need to do. Expect Grammarly drafts, hand-written post-its and a lot of talking and walking.


Which YouTuber or blogger would you like to switch places with for a day?

The Instagram account of @itsabandoned – it’d be amazing to have discovered and spent time exploring some of the locations and finds they share.


What is one thing you wish you had had or known when you first started out?

I wish I had come from a software engineering background. Despite WordPress being as user intuitive as it can be, starting out would have been so much easier had I have known how to code, build websites and be a master of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products.


Why should people buy a ticket to BorderlessLive?

This industry is all about your network for the benefit of your audience. Coming to BorderlessLive will give you the best network to lean on, support and promote each other’s work in order to continue to effectively engage an audience who are becoming increasingly distracted and overwhelmed with content. Strategic partnerships, consolidation of content and simple, straight-forward propositions are key. BorderlessLive will help you hone in on what you can be most successful at and how to do it.


Click here to buy your ticket and hear more from Matthew on 6-7th September at Tobacco Dock.

Get to know our speakers: Albertine Brandon

Get to know our speakers: Albertine Brandon

Albertine Brandon is the Commissioning Editor of Blogosphere and a content creator. Her role at Blogosphere includes interviewing some of the UK’s top social media talent for the magazine, curating shortlists for the Blogosphere Awards and managing brand partnerships for Blogosphere events.
Albertine started her blog, AlbertineSarah, in 2012 and shares a combination of style, beauty and lifestyle content across Instagram, Twitter and her blog. She has a combined following of 11,700+ across Twitter and Instagram and has worked with brands such as Sky, Sigma, Daniel Wellington, Campo Viejo and Alpha H.


Find out more about Albertine below:


How did you get into your profession?

I actually applied for my role at Blogosphere (I started as an Editorial Assistant) after seeing it advertised on Twitter. I was initially nervous about applying, as I had only just completed my Diploma in Journalism, but I went for it and got the job based on my experience within the world of blogging and running local events for bloggers.


What is one of your proudest blogging moments?

I think for me it has to be the recent changes I’ve made to my content. I feel like I’ve injected some more personality into my posts, and the feedback has been amazing (I’ve actually started to book in some more sponsored content, which I think may be a result of my content improving!). Working on the Blogosphere Awards this year was also a real highlight for me – Zoe Sugg, Lorna Luxe and Caroline Hirons all under the same roof?! There was an amazing atmosphere at the Awards, and it was great to play a role in making that happen.


How do you get into the creative flow?

There’s only two things that work for me – showers and long walks. I don’t know what it is, but something about running water, or keeping my feet moving for a while, gets my brain working and I tend to come up with my best ideas during these times. I always make notes on my phone when creative ideas come, so when the time comes to sit down and write something I have a bank of half-baked topics to work from.


Which YouTuber/blogger would you like to switch places with for a day?

Oh, Lorna Luxe for sure! She has a wardrobe to die for, an amazing work ethic and is frequently on the most gorgeous holidays. I would love to see what life is like in her shoes for one day, and following her on Instagram is a constant source of inspiration and motivation for me.


What is one thing you wish you had had or known when you first started out? There’s no ‘formula’ to success! Just create what you love and go for it. Meet up with your fellow content creators, and help each other to create the content that you love. Have a plan for what you want to achieve, and consistently create content that drives towards that. Don’t be afraid of introducing yourself to brands, and don’t feel disheartened when you feel like your progress is slow.


Why should people buy a ticket to BorderlessLive?

It’s going to be the perfect place to learn about the industry and gain some inspiration!


Click here to buy your ticket and hear more from Albertine on 6-7th September at Tobacco Dock.