The Power of Influencer Marketing

The Power of Influencer Marketing

It is becoming increasingly apparent just how powerful and effective influencer marketing can be if done correctly, not just for selling the latest products but for selling destinations. An influencer, in my mind, sits somewhere between a friend and a glossy magazine, someone I can relate to yet who I also aspire to be like. It is unsurprising therefore, that statistics from the Influencer Marketing Hub suggest that the 2019 global spend on influencer marketing is expected to total a whopping $6.5bn, up from $1.7bn in 2016.

The engaged community that a micro influencer can build is something that brands are often desperate to tap into. A micro influencer, according to Forbes, is someone with a following of anything between 10,000 – 500,000 on social media. They often have incredible engagement and great ROI and while they may not have the large top-line numbers that you’d see from the likes of a “celebrity” macro influencer, their opinions hold a great deal of gravitas. This can be especially interesting for influencers focused on a particular niche (wellness, parenting, sustainability, diversity, mental health). Followers place a great deal of trust in said influencer, viewing them as perhaps more accessible and relatable than someone with a larger following.

According to a recent survey carried out ahead of BorderlessLive by marketeers, nearly a quarter (23%) of UK adults follow a digital influencer on social media. What’s more, nearly 1 in 5 (18%) 16-24 year olds say that they’ve been inspired to visit a destination of a digital influencer that they follow. To put this into some perspective, 7.9 million 16-34 year olds are inspired to travel because of the pictures they see on social media and online. An incredible third of 16-24 year olds state that if their favourite online creator posted online about a new destination or hotel they’d be tempted to go and visit it themselves.

It is evident that influencers, especially in the travel industry, are an extremely effective marketing tool. They have a ready-made, engaged and receptive audience, they are a trusted source of authority and they do have the power to truly influence, whether that be to promote a product, a hotel or a destination.

If you want to connect with the perfect influencer for your brand or destination then make sure to join us at BorderlessLive this September. We’ll also be hosting a range of sessions and workshops so you can come and find out more about influencer marketing. Tickets are still available here.

Shu Shi Lin

Shu Shi Lin

Shu is a London-based vlogger, writer and freelance videographer specialising in food, travel and lifestyle verticals. With a background in digital advertising and strategic brand partnerships at Unruly to Content Producer at Lucky Voice, Shu brings her knowledge of business within media to her current venture as a professional content creator (which fulfils her childhood dream of being paid to eat around the world). As a graduate of YouTube’s NextUp programme in 2016, she was recently named as YouTube’s “Creator On The Rise” in February 2019 and was featured on the platform’s Trending page and Twitter account.


How did you get into your line of work?

I’m completely self-taught when it comes to filming and editing! First created videos when I was studying drama at college to gain more confidence in front of the camera. Started off with fashion for a few years before transitioning to food and travel (after I realised I spent most of my money to eat around the world)


What is one of your proudest YouTube moments?

Being selected as one of nine people as part of YouTube NextUp! It was my YouTube manager who encouraged me to go freelance on my channel and to continue focusing on presenting food and travel! Here I am now!!! (Thanks YouTube)



How do you get into the creative flow?

I’ve been told countless times by other people that they prefer to “live in the moment” than to document their travels online. On the contrary, I find that filming my life helps me to live in the moment and appreciate my surroundings even more.

I always find it’s the attention we give to those “mundane” things that generate the most emotionally captivating stories. Things like the steam coming up from my coffee cup, the way the branches move with the breeze and the sloooooowwwwwww motion egg yolk as the fork hits the skin and – I’m going to stop. Getting hungry.


Which YouTuber would you like to switch places with for a day?

Either Sophia Chang/Weylie/Jenn Im/Bubz. They’re all huge influences of mine, all have the CUTEST DOGS and are inspirational in how they approach their professional and personal lives.


What is one thing you wish you had had or known when you first started out?

I wish I didn’t put myself down as much as I used to. I’ve always tried to make each video better than my last but I used to edit a video, put it up then find a million things I hated about it as soon as it was online. It wasn’t a healthy way of motivating me to improve my skills and put a lot of pressure on filming future videos.

I now have the mindset that each video I create now, is to the best of my ability at this moment in time. I look forward to seeing how much I will have progressed in my filming/editing at a later date and aim to learn as much as I can along the way but won’t tell myself a bunch of horrible things leading up to it.


Why should people buy a ticket to BLL?

It’s a rare opportunity to meet other likeminded creators, network with brands and connect with people who live and breathe the same things as you do. It’s such a friendly, supportive and inspiring community to be a part of and I look forward to meeting existing friends and new faces at BorderlessLive in September! 🙂


Click here to buy your ticket and hear more from Shu on 6-7th September at Tobacco Dock.

To what extent have digital influencers impacted millennials decisions to travel to destinations they’ve seen online?

To what extent have digital influencers impacted millennials decisions to travel to destinations they’ve seen online?

Last week Instagram announced plans to further expand their trial of hiding likes to more than six countries, in a bid to create a less pressurised online environment. Users in Japan, Italy, Ireland, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia are now no longer able to see the number of likes or video views on other people’s posts. Instagram claims it is because they want our friends to focus on the photos and videos being shared rather than the amount of likes the post receives. But where will this leave digital influencers?

The rise of social media has allowed everyday consumers to become popular thought leaders online, where everyone and anyone can become (or at least claim to be) a digital influencer. One less metric for measuring engagement will make it difficult for influencers to stand out amongst an already saturated market.

But just how much have influencers impacted millennials decisions to travel to destinations they’ve seen online?

Influencer content is favourable as it allows millennials to buy into an idea of reality. But for a high-risk, high investment purchase such as travel, the information search process extends further than Instagram alone. Presenting the idea that although influencers provide inspiration, it’s no different from seeing a post from family or friends who we know and trust. As many influencers extend their posts beyond travel alone, it is becoming increasingly hard to tell if they are genuinely passionate about the products they are promoting or if they are only posting content to fulfil their paid deal with a brand.

We must remember that social platforms have a responsibility to control and minimise the negative impacts that come with living in the digital age. Is it healthy to compare ourselves to unrealistic, aesthetically perfect, social ideals? It may be the right time to think about the impact social media has on an individual’s mental health, while encouraging realistic and motivational goals instead of unattainable lifestyles.

Where to Eat Whilst You’re at BorderlessLive – The Best Bites in East London

Where to Eat Whilst You’re at BorderlessLive – The Best Bites in East London

Written by Joanna, Author of The World in My Pocket

Tobacco Dock sits between Shadwell and Wapping overground stations and has plenty of great foodie spots around. I recently wandered around the area searching for the best bites, all within a maximum 10-minute walk from BorderlessLive. I ventured into a variety of restaurants and cafes, for every taste, budget and dietary requirement, to find the best places to eat at. Allow me to share my experience with you.

Here is my shortlist of some of the best bites in East London:

Urban Baristas

38 Wapping High St, Wapping, London E1W 3PA

Located just outside Wapping overground station, Urban Baristas is a modern coffee shop selling artisan coffee, gourmet sandwiches and fruit porridge bowls. The design of the coffee shop is inspired by the Nordic architecture, with space for digital nomads to work.

The menu includes hot and cold sandwiches using some pleasantly surprising ingredients. My recommendations are the organic sourdough toastie topped with artichoke, avocado, olive oil, basil and pine nuts (£5.50), and the ham and cheese croissant with Parma ham, cheddar cheese and rocket (£4.20). The bacon and egg brioche (£5.75) looked delicious as well!

Urban Baristas

Urban Baristas has a very interesting selection of lattes: turmeric, matcha, chai and red velvet, selling for £2.90 each.


75 Garnet St, Wapping, London E1W 3QS

Gastronomica was actually my last foodie stop whilst searching for the best places to eat close to Tobacco Dock and oh, how glad I was to have discovered it. This delightful little place run and owned by an Italian team really made me feel as if I was in Italy. It’s a must for gourmet Italian food lovers.

All ingredients are imported directly from Italy, including the tasty vegetables and fruits. I found myself on the edge of drooling whilst looking at the big piece of Porchetta staring back at me from the deli counter. Not to mention the burrata!

At Gastronomica you can either choose your meal from the menu or create your own panini with the fresh selection of charcuterie and cheese. Gastronomica has a special collection of wines as well, including the northern Italian Barolo, which is not that easy to find.

The menu selection is not extensive, but every dish is cooked from scratch just behind the deli counter. There are also bruschetta, pasta, salads and sharing boards available. I recommend the tomato and basil bruschetta (£4) and the tomato cream with mozzarella di bufalla (on the menu they have aubergine cream, but they didn’t have aubergines the day I visited - £5.5). For dessert, it would be a sin not to order the Tuscan speciality cantucci biscuits with Passito wine (£8).


All dishes were outstanding, with so much flavour in every bite. The portions are large as well.

Cinnamon Coffee Shop

Cinnamon Coffee Shop is a small café catering for vegetarians and vegans but also for people with food intolerances. Many products in their menu are gluten free and they won’t charge you extra for lactose free milk in your coffee.

The coffee shop is very small but has cosy seats both inside and outside. It’s the perfect place is you are searching for some peace and quiet.

cinnamon coffee shop

I recommend the vegan wrap with hummus, avocado, tomatoes and vegan cheese (£4) and the veggie beetroot wrap with sweet potato falafel, guacamole, peppers and salad (£4). I preferred them to be toasted. The coffee shop makes great fresh fruit smoothies as well.

Captain Kidd

108 Wapping High St, Wapping, London E1W 2NE

Captain Kidd is not only a charming pub located on the Thames’s waterfront, but it also has a bit of history behind it. The pub, which occupies the inside of an old warehouse, was named after one of the most notorious pirates from the 17th century, William Kidd, who was hanged at the nearby Execution Dock.

Captain Kidd is a pub downstairs and has a restaurant upstairs. You can order food in the restaurant and have it in the beautiful garden, overlooking the river. The inside of the pub is designed to look like a ship’s hull, with panoramic windows and wooden beams all over.

The menu at Captain Kidd has pub classics such as fish and chips, pork pies, bangers and mash, and burgers. The lunch menu features sandwiches, soups and cod goujons.

My recommendation is the nachos sharing platter. The tortilla chips are covered in melted cheese and tomato salsa, being served with a generous portion of sour cream and guacamole. Delicious!

Pizza Express

78-80 Wapping Ln, Wapping, London E1W 2RT

For a satisfying and reasonably priced meal, head over to Pizza Express. The building which hosts the restaurant is an old historic brewery which blends in perfectly with the architecture of Wapping. There is plenty of space inside, and the restaurant doesn’t seem to be very busy.

Even if Pizza Express is a restaurant chain, they do make very good food, and not just pizza. You can always try their Pollo Milanese, the classic lasagna, the pesto pasta or the Niçoise salad. Pizza Express also has a vegan menu and caters for people with dietary requirements.

Pizza-Florentina-Pizza Express
Pizza Fiorentina by Pizza Express

I recommend the Fiorentina, a delicious vegetarian pizza with spinach, tomatoes, black olives, garlic oil and Gran Milano cheese, topped with an egg.

How about you? Which of these places will you choose to eat at whilst attending BorderlessLive?

Meet Joanna and other wonderful content creators at BorderlessLive, taking place at Tobacco Dock, London, 6 & 7 September 2019.

Get to know our speakers: Erick Prince

Get to know our speakers: Erick Prince

Photographer, Philanthropist, and World Traveler, Erick Prince is blazing a new trail in travel and business. Combining his love for photography and travel, he created One of the premier travel blogs for African-American and Latino travellers.

Inspiring low-income communities to explore the world and document their travels. Currently on a quest to become the first African-American to visit every country in the world, Erick has turned a hobby into a thriving business. Visiting 95 countries along the way. Through his blog and digital marketing company, Erick has worked with brands such as Facebook, Singha Corp, LAN Airlines, InterContinental Hotels, and Sony.  

Find out more about Erick below.


How did you get into your line of work?

I kind of stumbled into this “blogging” thing. I’ve been a photographer since I was about 13. I decided to do more to inspire people of color, particularly kids, to travel and explore. I started merely to have a place to post my travels and keep everyone updated on what I was doing. And bang, people responded well. And here I am seven years later.


What is one of your proudest YouTube moments?

For me, it’s a consistent thing. I’ve done a few videos with one of my best friends in Romania. Basically, us drinking, eating, and laughing the entire time. The reaction of Romanians to the positive representation of their country is humbling. I’ve seen the same thing with my videos from all around the world. Showing the positive in a world full of negative is more than enough for me to be proud of.


How do you get into the creative flow?

I wake up like this. LOL. Most of my work comes from a very simple place. What does 13 year old me need to know/see about this. When you come from a place of empathy and service, the creative part takes care of itself.


Which YouTuber or blogger would you like to switch places with for a day?

Ohhhhh this is tough because I know a few dope ones personally and I know the behind the scenes chaos. I think I would love to do a day as Sonny Side from The Best Food Review Show Ever. I LOVE Asia and Asian food. Which is kind of his niche.

Also, Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography. While I couldn’t do what he does, I would just sit and talk all day about photography with him.


What is one thing you wish you had had or known when you first started out?

I wish I would have known how much time and money this career takes to really get going. While some people “pop” early, the most successful of us have been doing this for a LONG time. It’s exhausting. But in hindsight, I never meant for this to be a career so I likely would have ignored that anyway.


Why should people buy a ticket to BorderlessLive?

Traverse Events and WTM have reputations for putting on amazing events that creatives want to attend. Simply because it’s run by creatives. We have different needs and ideas of whats fun. An event like BorderlessLive puts you in contact with some of the most successful people in several creative spaces. While consuming content online can be great, talking/listening in person is another experience altogether.


Click here to buy your ticket and hear more from Erick on 6-7th September at Tobacco Dock.

Get to know our speakers: Destination Addict

Get to know our speakers: Destination Addict

“We are Kelly and Adam aka Destination Addict – we live in our campervan full-time, working & adventuring from wherever we choose. We believe in living life on our terms or as we like to say ‘dancing to the rhythm of our own souls’. We have created a life for ourselves that we don’t wish to escape from & want nothing more than to help & inspire others do that too!”

Find out a little more about Kelly and Adam below.


How did you get into your line of work?

We started blogging as a hobby, mainly to keep our family and friends up-to-date with our adventures. As our blog has grown, we have grown with it… We now have two businesses that run alongside Destination Addict – which all run harmoniously together!


What is one of your proudest blogging/YouTube moments?

For us, it’s all about inspiring others so when people share their feeling of being inspired by us, that’s when we feel the most proud! We once had a message from someone sipping a cocktail in a coconut hammock…. “Guys, I made it to Vietnam! Having the best time. Thanks for the advice & convincing me to come!” Enriching someone’s life in this way is why we do what we do!


How do you get into the creative flow?

Most of our creative ideas come when we spend time in nature. When we are out hiking we often mentally brainstorm new ideas – for us less distraction is key to creativity, so, when getting into the creative flow we are always mindful of distractions.


Which YouTuber or blogger would you like to switch places with for a day?

Alesha & Jarryd from Nomadasaurus because they are super cool peeps! We’ve been connected with them from the very start of our blogging career & love what they do – their choice of adventure destinations and photography especially!


What is one thing you wish you had had or known when you first started out?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), when we started we honestly didn’t have a clue! We are now working on it but sometimes kick ourselves at not getting SEO savvy a lot sooner… We are so grateful for Gemma & Laura at Make Traffic Happen for this reason!


Why should people buy a ticket to BLL?

To be inspired, to meet awesome and like-minded people, to learn, to grow, to create more opportunities for themselves and their business and to have an overall incredible time!


Click here to buy your ticket and hear more from Kelly and Adam on 6-7th September at Tobacco Dock.

Get to know our speakers: Martinique Lewis

Get to know our speakers: Martinique Lewis

Martinique Lewis is a diversity-in-travel consultant, content creator, Influencer Manager and Marketing Director. Trusted amongst her peers as a ‘’connector’’ she is always connecting the dots to ensure the travel industry is mindful of diversity and not just as a ‘buzzword’.

Working with numerous tourism boards and travel brands she is constantly strategizing ways to ensure travel marketing campaigns are inclusive and all travelers feel represented.

As an international speaker, her goal has always been the same: to change the face of tourism forever!


Find out more about Martinique below.


How did you get into your line of work?

I was always an avid traveler and then the rise of the Black Travel Movement happened in the U.S. and travel communities like Nomadness Tribe and Travel Noire became very prominent and encouraged so many travelers who normally wouldn’t travel to go! To explore! I started working for one of the movements and working with tourism boards to do campaigns that speak to demographics that don’t normally get marketed to.


What is one of your proudest blogging/YouTube moments?

I released my Diversity In Travel report card in January and it started to gain recognition, it was nominated for a Traverse Creator Award and a lot of tourism boards and travel companies reached out to me because of it. It’s nice to know people really do care and want to see a change in the industry.


How do you get into the creative flow?

Honestly, I have to pump myself up with Netflix documentaries and YouTube compilations. In life, I want to be great, so it helps me when I hear things that tell me I am great and that everything my hand touches is awesome. As a travel professional you travel so much, that getting work done is hard because you’re tired. But get something you can hear that’s motivating, and get it done!


Which YouTuber or blogger would you like to switch places with for a day?

Sassy (Wyatt)! Ever since meeting her at the Traverse19 conference she has literally had an impact on me. Especially when she spoke about what we put in Atl Text because that’s what she hears when a blog is being read to her. We oftentimes forget to advocate or even think for each other because we’re so caught up in ourselves. But do you ever think about what a blind blogger goes through when writing your blogs? Do you ever consider what a Muslim blogger goes through when walking through airport security? We have got to start doing things with each other in mind. She’s an inspiration.


What is one thing you wish you had had or known when you first started out?

The importance of Linkedin, and how it could really be used as a resource to get ahead.


Why should people buy a ticket to BLL?

Because it’s nothing we’ve ever seen before. It’s a destination where everyone is celebrated and can learn from each other no matter what level you are currently. It’s carefully crafted to enhance your professional skills. Can’t wait to see you in September!


Click here to buy your ticket and hear more from Martinique on the 6-7th of September at Tobacco Dock.

What is BorderlessLive and what will I get from it?

What is BorderlessLive and what will I get from it?

BorderlessLive is London’s newest urban festival for content creators of all levels! Are you already blogging, vlogging or creating content? Perhaps you have a full or part-time job and are looking to transition to making your channel your full-time job. Perhaps you are dreaming of starting out as a digital creator and aren’t sure how to begin or are feeling daunted by the prospect of starting your own channel?

Come along to BorderlessLive on your quest to seek inspiration from some of the biggest names in the industry and find out how you too can kick-start your very own channel and career as a digital influencer.

Build a network of people all in the same boat, in a friendly and informal atmosphere while connecting with industry attendees to find out what they’d recommend for those just beginning their exciting journey.

BorderlessLive is also the perfect opportunity for established influencers, those with a channel and followers who are producing regular content, who are looking to continue to grow their platforms. You’ll also be able to network with global brands and destinations to further your business and attend seminars, workshops and Q&As to keep upping your game!

So, just in case you were still wondering whether this event will be for you, we’ve detailed some of the key things that you will be able to take from this unique urban festival!


Mingle with some of the world’s top creators and the best of tomorrow’s talent

We’ve been announcing some of our featured guests, and you can see the lineup so far here. We have some of the world’s biggest and best influencers, ranging from travel creators to those in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, LGBTQ+ and parenting communities.

There will be no “meet and greets” where you are shepherded into a queue for ages to simply take a selfie with your creative idols. Instead, attend the sessions they are leading, get inspired by hearing them speak and ask them questions in the Q&As. After all, at one point they were starting out just like you and were seeking advice and inspiration from those that they looked up to.


This event is brought to you in collaboration with Traverse Events, a leading influencer and content marketing agency. Every year, we host a flagship conference where like-minded creators meet to learn with a packed conference schedule. Sessions cover every corner of content creation and being a digital influencer; from photography, video, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), podcasting, writing, monetizing your channel, avoiding burn out (you get the gist, covering ALL aspects of running a channel). One of our proudest achievements is the sense of community that comes from hosting these events. Genuine and long-lasting friendships are formed and off the back of this, beneficial relationships with fellow creators are garnered.

Therefore, BorderlessLive will be all about promoting collaboration over competition. It will be about creators and industry leaders sharing their knowledge and expertise. It will be about inspiring the next generation of content creators and digital influencers to do what they love and pursue their passions.


Enjoy live music and soak up the festival fun

We believe that the best environment to learn and to network is a fun one! Forget dull, stuffy and corporate. We’re in 2019 now after all and we acknowledge that the time you learn the most is when you’re relaxed and free to be yourself. Therefore, we’ll be making sure there’s plenty to keep you entertained over the two days. Think urban festival; this is taking place in one of the coolest London venues after all, Tobacco Dock! Enjoy delicious food from around the world, washed down with a nice refreshing drink. Discover some amazing live music and DJs who are sure to give this event a lively, fun buzz. There will be festival stages where you can hear from your favorite creators and listen to lively and engaging panels and debates that are going on.


Wellness sessions

Last, and by no means least, we will be placing a key focus on the importance of looking after both your physical and mental well being. Come along and join in yoga sessions, workshops led by PTs and cognitive hypnotherapists. Find out the best techniques to avoid creative burn-out to maintain a happy and positive outlook. Because at the end of the day, there is only one you!

If you like the sound of this and want to join us this September, Friday 6th & Saturday 7th at BorderlessLive, you can still get your hands on a ticket here.

Get to know our speakers: Karl Watson

Get to know our speakers: Karl Watson

Karl Watson is a British YouTuber who creates TV-style travel documentaries about his backpacking adventures around the world.

Breaking the mold of travel vlogs, these feature length films give an honest, inspiring, fun and entertaining depiction of what it’s actually like to be a backpacker, allowing the audience to experience the highs and lows of life on the road.

Karl has worked as a freelance video editor in London for 12 years and as his YouTube channel gradually took off, his hobby and professional videos have started to meet in the middle.

Find out a little more about Karl below.

How did you get into film and photography?

I actually studied music for my undergraduate course at the University of Liverpool. But of course, there’s no jobs in music and I’ve always been a big movie fan, so I started looking at transitioning into video. Ended up doing a post-grad course in video editing at Bournemouth University and it all went from there.

What is one of your proudest YouTube moments?

My first proper series of films was “HK2NY: Hong Kong to New York”, a nine-month round-the-world trip. I uploaded it to YouTube with no expectations of anyone watching it – other than some of the friends we made along the way. However, a couple of weeks after I posted the first episode, STA Travel got in touch saying they’d seen the episode and wanted to work together. I ended up freelancing with them on and off for a few years, but it was that initial moment when they contacted me that I realized that making these travel videos could become more than just a side hobby.

How do you get into the creative flow?

I think you have to rid yourself of distractions. Put your phone away, don’t have any friends around you and don’t have your web browser open on your laptop. It’s a lot easier to get lost in an edit, if there’s nothing else to do but edit.

Which YouTuber would you like to switch places with for a day?

Can I just cheat at switch with something like the YouTube channel for Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon? The Tonight Show has 21 million subscribers, I’d give my channel a good plug for a day.

What is one thing you wish you had had or known when you first started out?

When I did the HK2NY trip, it was hard to stay motivated filming for nine months. There were points where I barely filmed a thing, nearly gave up at one point, because I just thought no one would ever watch it and it was a lot of effort just to have a video souvenir for myself. If I’d known how big it would become, it would’ve given me the confidence and motivation to capture way more of our experience. So I guess the moral is just keep going, keep trying, because you never know where you might end up.

Why should people buy a ticket to BorderlessLive?

After every Traverse and WTM event, you leave feeling completely exhilarated, buzzing with new ideas about how to take your channel forward. Plus you make so many incredible new friends and are welcomed into this amazing and passionate community.

BorderlessLive is going to be bigger than anything done before and it promises to be something really, really special.

Click here to buy your ticket and hear more from Karl on 6-7th September at Tobacco Dock.

The Importance of Networking for Newbie Bloggers

The Importance of Networking for Newbie Bloggers

Written by Nat Took

Nat TookNat is a part-time backpacker with a vision to make backpacking a full-time lifestyle. The travel bug first bit on a round-the-world trip in 2010-2011. Since then, Nat has been trying to see more attractions closer to home in the UK and Europe.

She also recently spent six months in Mexico living as a digital nomad.In 2016, she launched ‘natpacker’ to help other travellers, focusing on backpacking and budget travel, which is her preferred style. The blog contains her own adventures, destinations, reviews and travel advice. Nat also has a passion for food, animals and the environment, all of which tend to drive where she visits and what tours she does.

Blogging. It’s the dream job, right? You can work when you want, even working from home in your jammies all day. What’s not to like?

Well working from home day-in-day-out can be a lonely business, which can be enough to make you give up. Even the most introverted of people crave human interaction. Plus being alone means you can’t bounce ideas off others, you are left to just your own thoughts. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you network you can find support, inspiration, places to guest post and even make some great friendships.

I am part of the #TravelTribe on Twitter, where there are several closer groups and an overall community. I have found friendship and support, from people with the same interests and struggles. We’ve met up a couple of times and help each other out. If you’re a newbie blogger, networking is vital to help you keep at it.

The Benefits Of Networking

 I’ve already touched upon the benefits of networking, but I have two main reasons why it is so important. Let’s look at these in more detail.



Having support is so important, whatever you do in life. But for a newbie blogger, having a support network can make all the difference between quitting or not. When you get writers block, or are unsure how to grow your audience, you have a support network ready. You can get inspiration from them, advice and encouragement. You can go to events together, so you won’t be alone and generally be there for each other.

Growing Your Audience

The more interaction your social media and blog get, the better. With a network of bloggers you can help each other to get engagement. You can exchange guest posts, for those all-important back-links.
Another way to get interaction on your blog is to comment on each other’s posts (just make sure you actually read the post and show this in the comment). Make sure you read all comments and reply. If you read a blog post and like it, be sure to share it on your social media and tag the writer.

Many bloggers will check who shared their post and interact back. It all helps with reaching a wider audience.


Having a network of bloggers that read your work can help with feedback. Bloggers are generally good writers and will see small mistakes you might have missed, as they are looking at your post with fresh eyes.
I’ve shared a post on social media and a few minutes later had one of the #TravelTribe send me a private message pointing out a minor error. I was able to sort the error quickly, not long after the post was published.


For me, this is the most important benefit of networking. We all need friends, no matter how much of a loner you are. Networking allows you to develop friendships with people who have similarities and a similar role to you. This makes blogging less lonely and you can be there for each other, like you would get in an office environment.

You can arrange meet ups with each other and create a social aspect to blogging. I have met up with some of the #TravelTribe several times, and we’ve always had fun. As we are spread out all over the UK we try to meet somewhere different each time. Doing this has made me feel a part of something.

How To Network

So now you know the whys, you need to know the hows. There are several ways to start networking.

Attend Events And Conferences

Events and conferences are a great way to meet other bloggers. They are normally motivating and high energy places, everyone is excited, so making friends is easier.
Make sure you take business cards so you can exchange contact details easily.

Engage In Twitter Chats

Joining a Twitter chat is a great way to get more engagement and make friends. Don’t just answer the questions though – interact. If people like or interact with your answers, follow them and reply. Reply to other people’s answers, retweet and like. Do as much as you can to show you engage and are passionate.
You could even follow up with those you engaged with after the chat. Look at their profile, read one of their posts and comment. Just be sure to join chats that are in your niche.

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are great. Join several that suit your blog and be sure to join in. You can ask for advice, help other bloggers by answering their questions, share happy moments and be encouraged when something not so good happens.
Facebook groups tend to have daily threads. These can range from commenting on each other’s blog posts to increasing Google click-through rates, sharing content and even giving feedback on writing. If you join a thread, be sure to follow all the rules though – there are often a lot of rules that go with them.

In Conclusion

Networking is vital to blogging. It makes the experience a social one where you can grow your blog and gain support. You can make long lasting friendships with like-minded people too. Remember, other bloggers are not your enemy, don’t see them as competition. There’s plenty of audience to go around and supporting each other makes us all stronger. with a vision to make

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