• Charlotte is a member of the Traverse team, an influencer marketing and outreach agency. Traverse work closely with content creators, running influencer campaigns and bespoke events for brands and DMOs throughout the year and hosting an annual flagship conference. This September, they are teaming up with Reed Exhibitions to bring their knowledge of influencer marketing to BorderlessLive.
  • Lisa Binderberger is CEO of Boom Creative Lab, an award winning agency specialized in Social Media and Influencer Marketing based in Austria. Boom Creative Lab has worked with more than 300 influencers worldwide, including @jacob and @mikutas. Their brand new in-depth trend report about influencer marketing for the travel & tourism industry was just published in the beginning of this year. www.boomcreativelab.com
  • Originally from the Seychelles, Natalie Lefevre has worked as a model, TV presenter, and professional singer. She holds a BA in Computer Information Systems and was previously Director of Corporate Affairs at Euronews NBC, where she launched the luxury site Living It and travel site, Wander. Before branching out into travel journalism and blogging. She now works as a social media consultant to a growing roster of clients.

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